An Experienced Attorney Knows the Judges and the Court Systems

Interviewer: So that’s another one of the benefits, for instance, of you being a private attorney would bring to the table that you probably know the personality of judges and the prosecutors in all these spots.

Shannon: Benton County too. But, yes, definitely. It offers me, I think, insight into the way things can work and can work under the law in some counties and then other counties aren’t doing that but I can also give the judge a perspective that in this county we’re doing this and this is, especially when there’s changes in the law, sometimes judges like to hear what other judges are doing in other counties because it simplifies the changes in the law or to practice in their authority.

And that’s been persuasive, I think, and then also it allows me to be creative because if something has worked, something that I have tried in one county that has worked in that county and has been really beneficial for that client. I can share that with attorneys in other counties and they can try to do it and then it becomes like a statewide practice. It’s nice to see what works and use that in different counties.

Shannon I. Wilson, Esq.

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