When Can A Surgical Error Take Place?

Undergoing a surgery is not only a frightful experience, it is a complex process. Mistakes during a surgery can occur at any given moment during its three stages, those include before the surgery(pre-operative), during the surgery, and after the surgery has concluded(post-operative). A strict routine must be followed by the surgeons to minimize the number of errors that can occur. Not following this routine can amount to a medical malpractice.

Every year, millions of surgeries are performed, and along with the millions of individuals, thousands are injured and die from these procedures due to a surgical error. Surgical mistakes are one of the top occurrences for medical malpractice lawsuits. The Miami surgical malpractice attorneys are shocked to encounter so many victims of surgical errors that caused them extreme damage. Medical professionals have a duty of care with all of their patients to ensure that they provide them with the top-quality care that exceeds the standard of care required from them.

When factors like miscommunication, lack of training, not reading the patient’s medical chart, or failing to follow-up with the patient occurs, the victim can suffer the consequences of those actions and inactions. Surgeons and their surgical team must ensure everything has been done and everyone is ready for any complication that may arise.

Timing When Surgical Errors Can Take Place

A surgical error can occur during any of the three phases of an operation. Those moments include:

Before Surgery(Pre-Operative): The process that goes on before surgery is just as important as any other phase of a surgery. In this stage, the surgeon must communicate with the patient and determine that the patient is physically and mentally strong enough to proceed with the surgery. The surgeon must obtain informed consent from the patient and answer all questions and concerns that the patient may have. Along with the surgeon, often times the anesthesiologist will visit the patient to confirm their identity and address any concerns that they may have of the anesthesia.

During Surgery:  This is the most critical stage of an operation procedure. During the surgery is when the most mistakes can occur because the patient is at their vulnerable state and might not be able to communicate with their surgeon and team. Preventing surgical errors during a surgery can be done by doing the following:

  • Being experienced and trained in the surgery to have it safely performed
  • Having the surgical team up-to-date with the procedure through effective communication
  • Reading the patient’s chart before performing the surgery to ensure that it is being done on the right patient and body part
  • Ensure that all surgical instruments are accounted for before stitching the patient up

After Surgery(Post-Operative): This is a point in time when the patient is still recovering and are prone to infections and other complications. While the surgeon might not be the direct cause of an injury post-operative, they still have to ensure to follow-up with their patients. The hospital has to ensure that the rooms of the patients are properly sanitized because their health can rapidly deteriorate and their recovery can halter.

Surgical Errors Are on the Rise

Seeking a personal injury lawyer to assit the victim through a medical malpractice case needs to immediately be done following a surgical error.

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