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Whether you were unlawfully arrested, in the wrong place at the wrong time, or just made a mistake, you need an attorney experienced in criminal law to help guide you through the complexities of our legal system. Criminal defense work is not just about guilty vs. not guilty. It requires intense and effective analysis to make sure that your rights were not violated and in deciding whether the state has enough evidence to prove the crime they have charged you with.It is important to contact an attorney with criminal defense experience as soon as possible. There are many investigative and strategic steps that can be taken in preparing a strong legal defense immediately after you have been arrested. The first step to obtaining legal defense services is to set up an initial consultation. During your consultation an attorney will be able to provide you with a valuable initial assessment of your case and give you a procedural outline on what to expect from the prosecution and the court system. Meeting with an attorney should happen prior to your first court appearance (arraignment date) because the state has already started building a case against you. Remember, an initial consultation with this office only costs $35.00 and there is no further obligation to you.

If you are faced with a misdemeanor charge, you are potentially facing up to a year of jail time and $6,250.00 in fines. Lower-level felonies may result in up to five years in prison and $125,000.00 in fines. An attorney can help you navigate away from the maximum punishments under the law and begin negotiating with the prosecution on your behalf. We offer both limited scope pretrial services and comprehensive trial services to best fit your needs.

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Our private defense attorneys will not just treat you like another file or case number. Individualized attention to detail and passionate advocacy is absolutely essential in defending you in your case. If you are looking for a “junk yard dog” defense firm, this office is not for you. We handle each situation with care. We are calm and intelligent in our approach to strong defense work. We do not back down from a challenge but are tactful in our dealings with the court and the state. Please do not hesitate to call and schedule an initial consultation. We are here to help you every step of the way.

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