What Damages Can Be Recovered Through A Nursing Home Abuse Case?

Damages in a case refer to the injuries that the victim sustained which led to harms. The damages that will be recovered depend on what type of abuse the elder person endured and what resulted from the abuse. Giving an exact amount that will be recovered is impossible because it all depends on the severity of the injuries. The Orlando elderly abuse attorneys are always  determined to obtain every damage possible for their client’s case. Nevertheless, no amount of money will ever make up for the fact that the elder person was victimized, especially if they suffered a wrongful death through their abuse.

With wrongful death cases, the family members of the victim can also recover damages. Depending on what happened, damages recovered will vary. Abuse can be seen through physical harm, emotional harm, and even financial harm. All of these types of abuse can sum up to a different amount that will be recovered. Although recovering money for the damages that were endured is a great thing, just knowing that these types of harms are occurring in nursing homes is astonishing, and not in a good way.

Many people are blind to the fact that even the caregivers that should be providing ‘care’, are not. An abuse nursing home lawyer will work to get the most out of the responsible party. Nursing homes should take more responsibility in who they are hiring and what their employees are doing or what they are not doing.

Recovering Damages for Abuse in Old Folks’ Homes

Below will be listed the types of damages that an elder person can recover from abuse and what a family member can recover if their loved one died from the abuse.

  • Elder person: Therapy visits, costs for arrangements to live somewhere else, punitive damages, pain and suffering, attorney fees, and medical care.
  • Family member: Pain and suffering, medical bills, costs associated with the funeral/burial, and loss of income for missing days of work to recover emotionally and manage the funeral.

It is vital to have an abuse and neglect lawyer from Orlando review the case before any settlement is made. The amount that victim is entitled to might be more than the amount that is being offered by the abusive party.

Review Your Case Today and See Just What Can be Recovered

A victim or family member should never settle unless they are sure and happy with the amount that was offered to them. The Orlando personal injury attorneys are here to help victims of abuse within Old Folks’ Homes learn about their options and what they can recover for the injuries that they have sustained. Whether it is the elder person himself or the family member of the elder person seeking justice, the firm will give them just that. They will have these facilities and staff members pay for what they have done and for what they have not done when caring and treating for their residents.

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