Drunk Driver crashes through a Portland home

PORTLAND, Oregon – Reports confirm that a drunk driver crashed through a home in Portland resulting in damaging the home completely and missing the owner of the home just by a few inches.

The incident took place in Portland Friday night when the homeowner was heading to bed.

Police reports confirm that the speed of the vehicle before the crash was nearly 100 miles per hour.

The home belongs to Greg Buckland who said that from the condition and damage, it looked like the house was hit by a tornado. He lost almost everything and it is difficult to recognize the home from inside.

“This was a bedroom this was a wall this was the dining room this was the living room,” said Buckland.

“As I got right here I heard a loud noise. A car came flying through and landed in here it hit me and knocked me through that wall right there and continued and went out there and landed by the arborvitae,” he further added.

According to police reports, a drunk driver crashed his car through the middle of Buckland’s home. Buckland confronted the driver as he was trying to leave.

“I said what in the world did you just do? And he goes well obviously I just drove my car though your house. Police arrested James Anderson and charged him with driving under the influence, criminal mischief and reckless driving,” said Buckland.

After the car, moving at 100 miles per hour, hit Buckland’s home and damaged everything, he spent the day trying to clean up the mess, but the entire process was very difficult for him.

“You can see that it knocked the entire roof line 5 or 6 inches and crack the whole house,” Buckland said sadly.

He also had a fish pond in the backyard which was badly damaged and his friends helped him to clean the mess there. However, Buckland feels that the fish in the koi pond won’t make it.

“That was kind of my pride and joy we built it from scratch when we got the house,” Buckland added.

Buckland hurt his shoulder in the crash which was already healing from a recent surgery. He said that he felt lucky that he is still alive.

“I’m just thankful I’m alive I thank God for that it could have been a lot worse. I’m thankful for the little things right now,” said Buckland thankfully.

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