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Being charged with a DUI in Marion County, Oregon, should not be taken lightly. A drunken driving charge carries harsh penalties and lifelong consequences. Defending a DUI charge in Oregon requires the services of an experienced and qualified DUI defense lawyer who understands the local DUI laws in Marion County. Whether you are facing a DUI or DUII charge in Marion County, or surrounding areas, the office of Shannon I. Wilson, Attorney at Law can be of assistance. The office of Shannon I. Wilson can represent you whether you are facing a first offense or a repeat offense. Apart from DUI defense, we also provide criminal defense services in Marion County, Oregon and surrounding areas. Read on to know more about the areas we serve and our practice areas.

Areas we serve in Marion County, Oregon

Shannon I. Wilson, Attorney at Law, has been serving all over Marion County, Oregon and surrounding areas. Some of the areas we serve in Marion County, OR, include Silverton, OR, Woodburn, OR, Stayton, OR, Mount Angel, OR, and Aumsville, OR. Give us a call today to discuss how we can be of assistance.

Our Practice Areas

Some of the key areas of our practice include DUI defense, DUII defense, and Criminal defense. Whether you are looking for a DUI defense lawyer in Oregon, a DUII defense attorney, or a Criminal Defense Attorney, just give us a call at (503) 345-7488 for a Free Consultation. We can also help you understand the DUI laws in Oregon, and guide you in DUI vs DUII cases. If you are facing DUII charges or have committed any criminal offenses, speak to a criminal law lawyer immediately!

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