What Happens After Someone Gets Out Of Jail On Bail?

Getting out of jail means a pre-trial release. Therefore, if somebody is arrested, and gets out of jail while awaiting trial, you need to figure out how to support himself or herself as well as retain a lawyer for their upcoming court appearance. It is two pronged. No one wants to be in jail, especially if you have never been before, it can be very traumatizing. Many times, people are pleading with their employers to get their jobs back, so they focus on trying to make up for lost time so they can support themselves. When representing my clients, I offer a game plan upon their release, and show them what we need to do.

They need to continue with their employment, and if you are not allowed to return to your residence or if there are pre-trial release conditions, we need to meet those first. If we do not meet those established court rulings, then that could be a contempt of court situation. The court can offer recommendations for counseling, anger management, drug and alcohol addiction classes, and if you attend and complete those programs, no jail time may be a condition of your release. There are different things we can do between now and your trial date.

Trust your attorney to prepare the legal things they need to prepare, and trust your attorney to guide you through the different avenues so that your attorney can provide the best mitigating evidence at settlement negotiations or sentencing, only if you decide to take a plea deal.

How Do You Advise Clients That Want To Plead Guilty To Criminal Charges?

With any big decision you make in your life, it is a balancing approach. Is it worth it to you? When you are in a situation where it is extremely painful, and you are suffering, removed from your family, traumatized by your experience with law enforcement, sometimes you just want to throw your hands up, and give up so you can move on with your life. You want to feel safe, move on, and you want to get away from this. I do know this, some people experience different things differently than others. Every individual needs to make the best decision for themselves. There are still things that we need to be mindful of when defending a criminal case. You are not going to do yourself any favors by throwing yourself into the criminal justice system without trying to see if there is any constitutional violations that we can follow up on to put you in a better position.

When people make mistakes, they are often their worst enemies. There are plenty of different ways to punish you. I do not feel you need to seek additional punishment within the criminal justice system. I often believe that retribution and incarceration is the remedy for people who make bad decisions. That is not necessarily the case. It costs people money, costs you money, and costs you heartache, why not step back, and allow those emotions to pass? Come back to the process, figure out what you can get in place that would help provide a good foundation in securing an accomplishment, and trust your attorney to handle whether the state has the evidence, or it has what it needs to remove your liberties. I understand the need to move on, that real inclination to fall on your sword and be remorseful, but that is not going to serve you. In the end, it is not helpful for a community at large or for you as an individual.

Do Most Criminal Cases Go To Trial Or Do They Settle?

Statistically, most cases resolve in settlement. It is ultimately up to the client whether they want to exercise their right to go to trial, but there are many different factors to consider. One of them we just mentioned, without the inherent need for us to feel better, and move forward from something negative that has happened to us, thus it encourages a settlement. On the other hand, if you get your stuff together after initially being charged, we can often come up with something that works for the state. However, it also needs to work for the client. They need to feel good about their decisions on this matter, “Yes, this is something that I feel good about, that I can live with until like I’m being protected and well-represented, this is the best move for me”.

Trial is extremely stressful for any client, and for the defendant. Anytime you go to trial, you are running the risk of potentially facing a greater punishment, or possibly a prison sentence. That is how the system works. I do not necessarily agree with this process, but that is the criminal justice system. I think that encourages the risk of facing something significantly more difficult in the future as far as potential sentences go, and that is why I think it encourages settlement.

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