How Are Breath Tests Administered In The State Of Oregon?

Interviewer: Regarding breath testing and refusals, does Oregon use urine and blood?

Shannon: Yes; the Oregon law is called the Implied Consent Law. It states, if you are driving in Oregon, you are implicitly consenting to one of these tests if an officer has reasonable grounds to believe you are under the influence of an intoxicant.

Interviewer: Do these tests happen on the roadside? Do they give you a preliminary breath test; or are they only given at a police station or hospital?

Shannon: It is only given at a police station. I know some states have the side of the road breathalyzer machines. However, Oregon only uses Intoxilyzing machines located at the station. These machines are certified. They are checked and re-certified every 90 days at the station.

Interviewer: In Oregon, do they use the Intoxilyzer 5000, or the 8000?

Shannon: The 8000 is the latest one. Every agency should be switched over to the 8000 by now.

Interviewer: What were they using before that?

Shannon: I think they were using the 5000.

Shannon I. Wilson, Esq.

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