How Does Reckless Driving Differ From Careless Driving?

Interviewer: What other common charges go with DUII?

Shannon: Importantly, another resolution to reckless driving is the state and your defense attorney negotiate the reckless driving charge down to a careless driving. Careless driving is just a traffic violation.

It does have some monetary penalties. You are going to have to pay some sort of fine. However, it is not anything that is going to result in a criminal record.

Careless driving does not require a component of reckless mindset to be proved. It is just that you drove in some negligent manner that could have resulted in an injury. Your driving was likely to endanger somebody; even though it did not.

Sometimes your best case scenario is careless driving goes on your driving record. At least you are not facing any jail time. You would not face a license suspension unless you had a lot of other traffic offenses on your driving record. You would not face a license suspension necessarily. You would not have any ongoing court obligations.

Shannon I. Wilson, Esq.

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