Man Sentenced To 30 Years In Prison For Shooting Gladstone Police Officer And Holding Employee Hostage

OREGON CITY, OR – Jeffrey Giddings, the man who shot a Gladstone Police officer and held a Subway employee hostage last year, made a deal with prosecutors and changed his plea to guilty in court Friday. He will spend 30 years in prison.

The incident took place in August last year when police stopped Giddings when he was riding a bike on Southeast McLoughlin Boulevard in Gladstone. When the officers talked to him, they discovered he had a warrant. While police were talking, he opened fire at the officer out of nowhere. Giddings shot Sergeant Lee Jundt in his ballistics vest. Jundt survived the shot and spoke directly to Giddings in court as he fought back tears saying, “You, Mr. Giddings, are a coward and a selfish individual, beyond comparison. May you be in torment for the rest of your life. I forgive you for your actions that day, but rest assured, I will never forget.”

After shooting the sergeant, Giddings rant a Subway restaurant where he held an employee, Liz Mincer, hostage for two hours. Giddings was eventually taken down by SWAT officers who shot him through the window, injuring him. Luckily, Mincer got out of the situation alive. However, she said on Friday that the experience haunts her every day.

“I have my good days and bad days. He changed me. He changed my life,” said Mincer outside of the courthouse Friday.

Giddings apologized Mincer as he faced her in court and asked for forgiveness.

“I just want to say I am truly sorry for the mental anguish I put you through,” said Giddings. “I feel real bad for what I did to you and I think about it every day. I hope you can forgive me.”

However, Giddings did not show any remorse for what he did to the police. He even responded to Sgt. Jundt’s statement saying in court saying, “And Jundt, I ain’t (sic) no coward. If I was a coward, I would’ve just stopped and gave you guys my pistol.”

Both Jundt and Mincer said that they are ready to move on with their life and that they are relieved that Giddings is out of their lives.

“I’m actually very glad he got what he deserved,” Mincer said. “Of course, I wish he could’ve gotten more. 30 years, his life will be over.”

Giddings’ plea deal includes a predetermined 30-year prison sentence. However, since he used profanity in court, the judge added an extra month.

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