What Should Someone Do After Being Released On Bail?

After being released on bail, hire an attorney right away. Go meet with an attorney. Your attorney is going to be able to get things right away for you, such as police reports, asserting all your rights that you have pretrial, asking for lab reports, asking for probable cause statements that were filed with the jail by the arresting officer, getting information like playing video recordings from your booking, inventory, asking for property views, and anything else that might be necessary for your case. Meet with an attorney right away. That has to be your first step.

Will I Have A Criminal Court Appearance In The First Month After An Arrest?

On average, your first court appearance would be 30 days from your arrest date. That’s not always the case. Right now, the Oregon State Police Forensic Department is backed-up about 6 months with getting test results back to the arresting agencies. Let’s say you’re arrested for a possession of controlled substance heroin, and they are setting off that brown baggie or that piece of tinfoil with brown residue off to the forensic lab department. The chances are the DA is not going to charge it, or there’s a good chance that the DA wouldn’t charge if it’s a weaker case, until they actually confirm that the sticky substance, or the brown substance, or whatever it is, is in fact heroin.

It could be that you’re arrested, you’re arraigned, and then you get notice for some reason that after arraignment that they are not going to be filing things at this time, and instead they’re actually going to release you. They’ll choose to file it at later date, or you’ll be arrested and the information will be gathered, and then you’ll be released. You’ll give your information to the jail, and they’ll be able to contact you, and send you notice of a court appearance. Otherwise, they would just issue a warrant for you when that information from forensic lab came back. It all depends, but I would say in most cases, you would have your first court appearance about 30 days after being arrested.

How Often Should I Expect To Meet With My Attorney In The First 30 Days After An Arrest?

If you were hiring an attorney, I would expect to meet at least twice in person. It is possible that you need to have daily or weekly contact with your attorney, depending on the complexity of your case.

Does The State Of Oregon Have Any Pre-Trial Probation Requirements?

Oregon doesn’t have any pre-trial probation requirements. Everything would be voluntarily or conditioned upon your release. We talked about those conditional release type things that the court’s going to impose, but as of now, there are no pretrial services in Oregon, and that’s what we’re working towards.

Can Someone Voluntarily Start Treatment Or Rehab Prior To Going To Trial?

You can voluntarily start treatment or rehab prior to going to trial. I think that you should start treatment before your court date, but first meet with your attorney. If the appropriate medical/ informational release is signed, even if you aren’t the person who is at fault, showing that you’re taking some sort of anger management class, or even if you don’t have a substance abuse issue, showing that you’re willing to learn about what substance abuse issues are, often provide a lot of good mitigation. This provides evidence to the District Attorney if they’re on the fence of whether or not they are going to dismiss the case, which might be the tipping point for them.

What Would Be Some Good Advice For Someone Who Has Recently Been Arrested?

Hire an attorney as soon as possible. Do not wait. This is your highest priority.

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