The Effects Of Road Rage On Vehicle Accidents

U.S is known to have terrible drivers, traffic jams, and high-stress personal lives. All of these elements coupled with the fact that after a long day at work, a person just wants to get home. Any little thing can make that person and creates road rage. Road rage is basically a driver trying to get “even” with another driver that may have done something they were not too happy with. Road rage can cause innocent people to be at risk due to a driver’s recklessness.

With everyday stresses of life, a person may just flip if they feel as though they were insulted by another driver or just simply because they may have been cut off. The aggravated driver now wants to make the other driver aware that they caused that “harm” to them by putting everyone around them in danger. This creates and double negative – two wrongs don’t make a right. The driver who cut off the first driver then gets cut off by the same driver and slows down in order for them to get a taste of their own “medicine”. This situation could go either way; either they both stop and realize that they were acting foolish and could have put so many lives in danger, or someone becomes increasingly angry and may purposely create an accident.

Road Rage Facts & Statistics

Road rage can be caused by many factors and most drivers do not consider themselves to be aggressive drivers. What many drivers do not know is that some “regular” skills that they use while driving are qualified as aggressive. Here are some facts and statistics about road rage:

  • 50% of drivers who are victims of someone who drove “aggressively” towards them, will respond the same way
  • Firearms are involved in at least 37% of road rage cases
  • Males under 19 years of age are more likely to be influenced by road rage
  • 12,000 injuries that could have been prevented come from road rage

If a victim was injured due to the reckless driving of either driver involved in a road rage dispute, then they could be eligible to receive compensation from both drivers because of their recklessness. This applies even if it was only one car that crashed into the victim; both vehicles would have to pay for the victim’s damages. Both road ragers were engaging in reckless driving of which they knew could harm another person.

The fact that both parties could be responsible for paying the damages, becomes a great asset for the victim when either one of the drivers does not have enough money through their insurances to cover the damages of the victim.

Road Rage Causes

The true cause of road rage is subjective because everyone has something different that may make them tick. The common cases that have been noted by many attorneys at our car injury lawyer

  • Getting cut off
  • Tailgating
  • Being on a fast lane but driving slow
  • Continuously pressing on brakes
  • Not using turning signals
  • Blasting the horn
  • Bicyclist not following the traffic laws
  • Taking a parking spot that another driver was waiting for

 Miami Road Rage Personal Injury

 Sometimes our emotions can be difficult to control. A person may not know what to do after a certain situation arises. Emotions can turn deadly in road rage. Drivers need to think rationally and avoid any conflicts while they are driving.  More than half of Americans own a gun and as mentioned in the statistics section of this article, 37% are used during a road rage. Someone has to be the bigger person and decide that going through a possibly bad outcome is not worth it.

Any victim of a road rage encounter must contact Miami counsels at Percy Martinez Law firm for their free no-obligation consultation. The firm has had a great number of road rage incidents, being that Miami is a very active and populated city. They know all the laws associated with vehicle accidents and contest for the victim’s rights and maximum compensation from both parties involved in road rage.  Speaking to an attorney is just a call away: (305)529-0001.

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