The Next Sequence of Events, After the Police Observe Your Driving Behavior

Interviewer: What happens after the officer observes a traffic infraction?

Shannon: Then the officers are still in their trained stalking sequence, but they’re looking for six different driving behaviors right from the bat. As soon as they turn on their lights, they’re looking for six new actions.

The Police Look for Six Reactions From the Driver Once they Turn On the Lights on the Police Car

The traffic infractions that we just talked about are what they are looking for before they decide to stop you. Then they turn on the lights on the police car. Now they are looking for how you react to that.

Number one is if you make any attempt to flee.

Two is not responding to the overhead lights.

Number three is a slow response to the overhead lights.

Number four is an abrupt swerving.

Number five is stopping suddenly.

Number six is striking a curb or striking another object, such as hitting a trashcan or hitting a parked car. They’re looking for that once they turn on their lights.

Shannon I. Wilson, Esq.

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