The Police Look for Drivers to Commit Traffic Infractions as a Sign of Possible Impairment

Interviewer: When people are driving around, it’s not just that the police are watching them to see if they make a traffic offense. They have a predetermined set of actions they’re looking for, and you were talking about that. What other actions are they looking for?

The Police Look For Drivers Who Exhibit Even the Smallest Indication of Loss of Control

Shannon: They look for drivers with problems maintaining their proper lane, for example, if the car is weaving or swerving. Also, an indicator they look for is if you make a really wide turn, and have a too wide turn radius, additionally, if you drifted into the other lane or touched the dotted line, that might be enough for them to pull you over.

Of course, the more blatant driving behaviors such as almost hitting property or another vehicle. They’re also looking at if somebody’s varying their speed because not maintaining a consistent driving speed is another thing they look for.

The Police Look For Drivers Who Exhibit Perception Loss

If you stop past the crosswalk, or you’re stopping way back from the crosswalk, that could also cause some suspicion. Also things like judgment issues, such as following another car too closely.

There are a lot of one-way streets in our downtown areas here in Oregon, and if you’re coming into the city to have a good night with friends and you’re not familiar with these one-way streets, it’s very easy to actually turn down a one-way street.

Even the Smallest Indication of a Traffic Infraction Could Result in a Police Stop

By the time you’re trying to correct yourself you’ve already committed this traffic infraction. That’s a warning sign to the police because the potential danger that it could cause. Most likely you’re driving down a one-way street or almost turn down a one-way street, there’s going to be a DUII investigation.

In Oregon, A Hands-Free Set Is Required for Cell Phone Use While Driving

Interviewer: I don’t know what the law is on cell phones in the car in Oregon, but are you allowed to use a cell phone while you are driving, or do you have to use hands-free?

Shannon: You have to use a hands-free set in Oregon.

Interviewer: I’ve seen people driving around, it’s obvious even for me to tell that they’re on the phone, and they’re trying to hide it. It’s up to their ear, or I see people texting. You can tell by them looking down. Is that a major reason why people can get pulled over for DUII?

Shannon: Not that I’ve seen, but it is a traffic violation, so it is a stoppable reason. You can be stopped for any action that’s a traffic violation. I haven’t seen many people that were stopped just for talking on their phone and then it led to a DUII investigation.

Shannon I. Wilson, Esq.

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