The Reasons Why Misdiagnosis Occurs

A high standard of care is expected by anyone who visits a hospital, a medical office,  or a clinic. Death and lifelong disabilities can come from a misdiagnosis error by not properly diagnosing results and not being able to give the correct treatment in a timely manner. Our Miami Medical Malpractice Law firm wants anyone who has suffered a misdiagnosis mistake to understand why these mistakes occur. There are various reasons why misdiagnosis occurs. Below will be described some reasons why:

No Proper Training For Advanced Diseases

Tens of thousands of conditions can possibly affect a human although a person seeking medical assistance expects a doctor to know all the types of diseases that are present. There are some mysterious and advanced diseases that doctors are not fully aware of. Due to the lack of knowledge about these diseases, doctors may confuse symptoms of that mysterious disease and diagnose it as being another disease or medical condition that occurs more often. Doctors need to test thoroughly when a person is diagnosed with a disease because many diseases share similar symptoms.

Not Ordering the Proper Testing Required For The Patient

Doctors tend to order certain tests depending on the symptoms that are being described by the patient. Underlying issues can go unnoticed if the proper tests are not ordered. A disease can be completely missed when a doctor just orders a test due to specific symptoms that the patient is describing. Performing the most tests as possible is essential for a doctor to do when trying to figure out what condition the patient has.

The Symptoms that Are Similar To Other Medical Conditions

Major and minor health conditions can have very similar symptoms that can sometimes confuse a doctor. Doctors will do no further testing if they believe that the condition is a minor one when in reality it was a serious problem. By doing so, a misdiagnosis and lack of treatment can result from the doctor’s negligence to order the proper test. It can often time be too late for the patient because they might have had a critical condition where time was of an essence.

Doctors Are Human

Human error can occur even by doctors because they are just as human as anybody else.  Mistakes are performed by doctors just like they would be in any other profession. The problem is that a mistake in a medical field profession can have devastating results and can even lead to an innocent person death. Misdiagnosis is an error that can have severe consequences.

Medical Malpractice Legal Practitioners Of Miami

Doctors need to be extremely careful when dealing with a patient because a misdiagnosis can result in a life and death situation. A patient who has suffered due to a misdiagnosis and has endured injuries should seek to obtain compensation through a Miami medical malpractice lawyer at Percy Martinez’s Law Firm.  They will discuss the case of the victim and provide them with an understanding of the rights that they have and the claim that they can pursue.

They will review the victim’s case and explain to them the options that they have. Call them today for a free consultation at (305)529-0001.

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