Why You Should Retain a Private Attorney to Defend a DUII

Interviewer: Going back to the beginning, what do you think some of the reasons are that people are, maybe afraid, to even talk to an attorney if they’re arrested for DUII? What do you think prevents them?

Shannon: I think that some people think that since they have a right whether or not to seek an attorney, that you don’t necessarily have to have an attorney. I think people feel that if they think they’re guilty they can’t really see how having an attorney would be helpful to them. I also think they are hesitant because they believe an attorney is costly.

Well, the situation is never just black and white. There are a number of different things an attorney can help you with.

An Attorney Can Help Mitigate Fees and Fines

And the biggest one would probably be avoiding jail time, reducing your fines and fees. There is always a possibility that the state’s case is not as strong as they think. And so you could have a better outcome than you could imagine by then just looking at the facts of the case.

An Attorney Knows Your Rights

There are a number of different constitutional rights and protections in police procedures that they have to follow and if they did not follow them it substantially weakens their case and they’re not going to go forward. That is always a possibility. So I think it’s well worth it to be spend money to pay an attorney, to avoid having to spend that type of money to the court in fines and fees.

Shannon I. Wilson, Esq.

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